Auto dealerships have access to vast support networks through their OEM ties. Dealers and manufacturers together spend more on advertising than any other category, and in doing so they amass high-quality images and video that can be used, together with ViewPoint kiosks, to capture and keep customer attention. The high production values of these pieces, as well as the consistency across channels they provide, can help salespeople close deals.

Customers today have most of their research before they ever set foot in a dealer's showroom. Employing content that shoppers are familiar with reinforces the choices they have made under their own direction, and provides a seamless transition from the research to the purchase phase of the buying process.

Leverage Popular OEM Commercials/videos

OEMs produce plenty of video footage about their vehicles. Dealerships can take advantage of this resource.

  • High production values: Content produced by car manufacturers will have the resources and know-how of those brands behind it. Presented on a large, clear screen, it can prove compelling for customers.
  • Familiarity and recognition: Commercials are everywhere, and the extensive use of video in online ads has given OEMs even more chances to put their messages in front of consumers. Dealerships that feature these recognizable and memorable ads in their showroom will help customers connect the offerings on the showroom floor with the cars they've been hearing about.
  • A budget-friendly resource: When OEMs create great content that their affiliates can use, video included, this takes a great weight off of those dealers. They get the benefits of the ads and spotlight videos without having to pay for production.

Curated Content Enables Consistency of Branding Across Dealerships

OEMs seeking to create a strong brand identity that affects all of their affiliated dealerships will be well-served by offering dealers kiosks packed with on-message video and image content.

  • A united brand identity: When customers see nationally distributed video ads for cars, they are engaging with OEM content. Those brands can ensure that no matter which local dealership viewers choose, they will find the same products and the same messaging. This smooth transition from national to regional media can help customers go from interest to purchase.
  • Content always looks great: OEMs that invest in kiosks for their network of dealers can rest assured that their videos and images will always be displayed in high definition on vibrant screens that users will love to interact with.