Quick and Effective Delivery

One reliable way to improve the customer experience is to make common processes take less time. A well-structured, consistently executed delivery process ensures that the sales agent completes all of the necessary steps as efficiently as possible.

  • Presentation ensures consistent process: ViewPoint supports a collaborative process by providing visual aids and information that sales agent can reference while guiding the customer through all of the steps.
  • Reap the benefits of expedited delivery: Car buyers’ top complaint is that it takes too long to buy a car. ViewPoint makes the delivery process faster while at the same time making it more consistent and thorough.

Comprehensive Feature Information

Today’s new cars are filled with new technology, from self-driving features to in-vehicle entertainment. These modern features can improve the ownership experience significantly if they are implemented well and adopted by customers. Alternatively, if the customer doesn’t understand the new features and has trouble getting help, those same features will cause frustration and dissatisfaction with the purchase. The delivery process provides dealers with an opportunity to inform customers about features and resources that will help them get the most from their cars.

  • Answering pressing questions: The kiosk can assist employees in explaining features and answering detailed questions. Using powerful IT-based systems to learn facts is stimulating, especially compared with the dry experience of reading the user's manual included in a new car's glove compartment.
  • Comprehensive knowledge: One of the major advantages of interactive kiosks is their ability to hold information on all of a dealer’s many vehicle offerings and every optional feature. There is no need to rely on memory or cumbersome documentation when every fact a customer needs to know is available with a simple touch gesture.