Creating a collaborative sales process supported by an interactive kiosk helps the sales agent establish a rapport early on, so that by the time the customer is ready to look at finance and insurance products, the sales agent understands which products might be a good fit, and the customer is familiar with those products.

Collaboratively walk customers through products

With large, clear screens and easy touch functionality, kiosks strike a balance in which both employees and customers have control.

  • Strike a balance: A worker relaying financing information to a buyer could appear remote, spending more time with their screen or papers than the person making the purchase. On the other hand, a customer inspecting the options alone may have to stop to ask questions frequently. Kiosks let these parties work together.
  • Show off offerings: Employees can become tour guides to the many options available with insurance and financing plans and packages, getting the basics across via compelling visuals and accurate data. Improving the presentation in this regard can turn a long period of consideration into a snappy decision.
  • Need to know: The kiosk makes it easy for sales agents to go into detail for certain products and skip over others, without the awkwardness of paging through a binder or sifting through fliers.

Demonstrate protection plan value

Each vehicle protection agreement has its pros and cons, and setting those values out plainly for consumers to inspect could expedite the decision-making process tremendously.

  • Tactile experience: When a quick and intuitive gesture can move between pages packed with images, videos and other multimedia content, consumers are free to pick the right coverage for them.
  • Easy comparisons: Kiosks provide the space needed to show how one plan compares to another in terms of coverage, from broad differences between plans to detailed benefits of coverage.