Dealerships choosing to advertise by placing one of their cars in a shopping mall have the opportunity to reach new customers who are already in a “buying mood.” Of course, installing one car or truck in a mall only shows off that one vehicle and may fail to fully convey the dealer’s value proposition. An information kiosk can transform these displays for the better.

A kiosk in a mall can display the same visual assets and information as one in the showroom, presenting the whole range of offerings. In an era when individuals tend to only go to car showrooms when they already have a good idea of what they want, becoming more visible in common spaces (such as malls) could make a huge difference for dealerships.

Feature Information on the Whole Product Line

Installing a kiosk alongside the car in a mall display allows the car dealer to inform customers about their whole range of offerings, rather than promoting only one vehicle. While dealers will still have to carefully select the car that is best suited to make the promotion successful, an accompanying kiosk can inform the public on the whole line.

  • Show off every car or truck: When cars displayed in trafficked areas are on their own, customers looking for deeper information on the brand have to conduct their own research later. By putting a kiosk next to the vehicle, dealers cut out a step and lay the whole line out for consumers to peruse.
  • Give in-depth descriptions: The materials displayed on touchscreen kiosks can be entertaining and informative, incorporating high-definition images and videos. People who want to dig deeper have easy access to product details and specs.

Promote Dealership Offerings in a Carefully Chosen Retail Environment

Shoppers have gotten into the habit of conducting extensive research before making a big decision, such as what car to buy. With kiosks, dealers can facilitate that discovery, right in the middle of a mall. Responsive touchscreens lead viewers through rich multimedia content that can cover everything from basic product information to safety features, upgrade packages and available accessories.

Reinforce Dealership and Brand Value at Sponsored Events

The combination of a kiosk and vehicle works in a variety of settings. Dealerships can send these displays to promotional events, in addition to making them semi-permanent features in malls and shopping centers.

  • An eye-catching display: Having a vehicle on-site at a large event in the community is a great way to reinforce a car dealership's appeal and get consumers thinking about their next vehicle purchase.
  • All the information people require: Adding a touchscreen information kiosk to this marketing installation allows curious passersby to indulge their interest and answer any questions they may have about the dealership, the car on display or any other vehicle in the line.