6 Steps for Creating Extraordinary Work Customers Will Love

Extraordinary Work


The most successful marketing and advertising campaigns are founded on thoughtful, well-planned strategies that are thoroughly vetted and perfectly aligned with a company’s overall goals. This type of disciplined approach can be demanding because it requires that you follow a specific process, and gain/confirm alignment with your creative team and key stakeholders at each step along the way.

Yet, despite the extra time and effort you’ll find it is well worth it because the ultimate deliverable — memorable creative that resonates with your target audience — will be far more effective than anything created using a piecemeal approach.

At ViewPoint Interactive Solutions, we have a tested, disciplined 6-step process down cold. We’ve used it to develop compelling creative — immersive and captivating touchscreen experiences — for scores of customers so we know it produces results.

To give you an idea of how we create digital experiences that tell a memorable story, say for your product or brand, I’ll walk you through our process.

ViewPoint’s Process

Before we launch into the actual process, we first assemble a diverse team of experts — experienced UX designers, copywriters, marketing pros, business strategists and developers, as well as key client stakeholders.

With this multi-disciplinary team, we work through the following six phases — discovery, design, development, execution, training, support — using a structured-yet-open and collaborative approach. This ensures the strategy we create ultimately leads to a captivating and immersive experience that elevates your brand.

1 Discovery

The most important part of any process is the first step — for us it’s learning about our client. Creating a digital experience that resonates demands we develop a deep understanding of your goals and pain points. So, we ask questions. A lot of questions. In this phase, we aim to understand your brand inside and out so we’ll examine your objectives, discuss your target audience, analyze relevant data, and explore your organization’s design sensibilities.

2 Strategy

Our team will leverage the insight gleaned during Discovery to develop a cogent strategy — actionable direction — that will allow us to deliver a presentation experience that is on point. We’ll collaborate with you in this iterative process to address positioning, key messaging and performance objectives.

3 Design

With big ideas percolating, we’ll craft your unique story and create the visual context to showcase your brand most effectively.  In this phase, we’ll gather all of the assets needed to build your presentation — think photos, videos and other dynamic content — and put it all together in a most compelling way.

4 Development

ViewPoint's engineers work alongside your own professionals to prepare for a successful launch. We’ll acquire and test the hardware — anything from a single two-person kiosk to a massive, multi-monitor video wall — to make sure all the elements work together seamlessly so your experience deploys error-free.

5 Delivery

Once we deliver your digital experience, we’ll help you optimize it through comprehensive training. We can travel to your facilities to show you how to use your new touch system to greatest effect. And we provide ongoing support to ensure your system remains up-to-date with current customer information, products and pricing, as well as the latest release of ViewPoint’s application and system software.

6 Analytics

With built-in analytics, presented via an intuitive analytics dashboard, you have the data to gauge how well your presentation resonates. ViewPoint experiences are flexible so we can adjust your messaging or revise the content to most effectively engage your audience.

Putting It All Together

By following a well-thought-out process and making sure to align every step of the way, we set you up for success. You can feel confident your touch experience will dazzle your audience and inspire your team, just as you hoped it would when you first envisioned your project.  

If you want to learn more about ViewPoint’s proven 6-step process or discuss how you could use a version of it in your company, drop me a note. You can reach me directly at kciesielski@viewpointtouch.com


Ken Ciesielski

Ken Ciesielski

ViewPoint Interactive Solutions, National Sales Manager

A seasoned business development and marketing executive, Ken is National Sales Manager for ViewPoint. He has a strong track record of acquiring new clients and growing brands. And, a not-so-secret passion for all things hockey.