Better results, better experience from adding interactive kiosks to off-site marketing



Interactive kiosks make off-site car placements a better investment for dealers and a better experience for consumers.

The classic auto dealership technique of placing a display vehicle in a mall comes with rewards and challenges. On one hand, it's an attention-grabbing method that can reach consumers early in the research phase of the buyer's journey. Alternatively, it lacks information about the vehicle and dealership and doesn't generate data about traffic, views and leads. Fortunately, touchscreen kiosks have enabled dealerships to leverage this tactic, opening the door to presenting huge amounts of valuable information to both the consumer and the dealer.

The kiosks that dealerships install in shopping centers and malls introduce compelling visual media and full product data into a public space, expanding marketing to interested onlookers.

"Data-driven off-site marketing is a valuable deviation from the old-school methods."

Right information, right place, right time
Putting a display car in a high-traffic retail environment gives dealers a way to make an immediate impression, and adding a touchscreen kiosk brings an added dimension to the proceedings. A physical sign about the car can only hold so much content, a digital sign not much more – and an interactive kiosk allows consumers to focus on the elements that are interesting to them as they learn more about the vehicle of interest.

Most importantly, data from local, offline events is a very valuable tool and brings another modern advertising and marketing method into the mix. Dealers and marketers no longer have to fly blind and live by the age-old quip - "I know half the money I spend on advertising is wasted, the trouble is I don't know which half." Off-site marketing can now join the digital age with the ability for analytics reporting that supports the dealerships overall marketing programs and allows for continual testing and improvement.

"When there is a kiosk next to the car, consumers can find a vehicle to fit their taste and act on the spot."

The entire product line on display
Decision-makers will always have a hard time determining which vehicle is most worthy of being the face of the brand via off-site marketing. That said, when there is a kiosk next to the car, consumers who are interested can delve deeper and find a vehicle to fit their exact personal taste. All of the options available on a dealership's website or in-house kiosks can go into these public installations, including interactive customization features that will help customers gain a sense of ownership over the vehicles, At the same time, the kiosk can communicate the key value propositions and differentiators for the local dealership while allowing a consumer to immediately request more information or sign up for a test drive.

A hit at sponsored events
Off-site marketing doesn't have to stay in one place for a long time. Brands can gain great exposure from setting up a vehicle and kiosk at a relevant local event, making the dealerships presence felt while passing on valuable information. Anywhere that crowds of people gather - and would reasonably have a few moments to investigate the features of a new vehicle - is a potential opportunity for dealerships to court public interest.

When it comes to off-site marketing, the traditional model of a car in a public place isn't broken - it can be enhanced with new technology that offers data in a visually compelling way, while tracking usage with analytics to measure value. This is where kiosk deployment comes in and changes the game for today's marketers and consumers.