Captivate, educate, collaborate: Interactive marketing systems across devices

Kiosk Marketing


Interactive touchscreens of various sizes may serve distinct purposes.

When selecting customer engagement technology for your auto showroom or retail sales floor, it's important to pick the right kind of screen to display interactive elements. Software today can be deployed on anything from a smartphone to a visually impressive display as large as a top-end TV. The choice will come down to what each device is supposed to accomplish. In the end, a balanced combination of three types - tablet, PC-scale and large monitors - may be the right choice, as this allows sales personnel to accomplish three big objectives: captivating, educating and collaborating with customers.

Captivating with large monitors
When a customer enters a showroom, he or she may not yet be ready to speak with customer service personnel, but there are ample opportunities to capture that shopper's attention. Large, interactive kiosks with touchscreen interfaces present information in a way that demands notice. These fixtures can convey a great amount of detail about the product in question, all within a framework the consumer controls and directs.

Image removed.Selling a big item such as a car to a millennial shopper may be easier with interactive kiosks.

Catching the interest of millennial shoppers is of particular interest to sellers today, as these individuals have come to make up a significant portion of the customer base and their influence is only set to grow. These buyers, raised on constant access to data, may be especially invested in interacting with digital screens independently before speaking with staff members.

"The uniting factor between the many types of interactive kiosk options is the importance of good systems and software."

Educating with mobile devices
When sales staff members want to enter the conversation, they can do so with a tablet loaded with software similar to what would be seen on a freestanding kiosk. These devices can help professionals explain the benefits of a particular item or service in a quick and clear fashion. If there is a detail the individual doesn't know, he or she can look it up in an instant, never leaving the sales floor or calling for assistance.

The use of tablets as retail devices is a growing area of interest, and it has become clear that the hardware can serve as a way to access a huge number of valuable facts with visual flair. Employees trained in the use of mobile devices can improve their ability to guide customer choices.

Collaborating with PC-sized monitors
What about when it's time for salespeople to work with customers to determine the right options for all concerned? This is where medium-scale monitors may be the best way to deliver content. Larger than a tablet, so no one will feel cramped, but not as large as a customer-attracting kiosk, these screens can become a key part of the sales floor experience. Collaboration on mid-sized screens offers a space where options can be chosen and purchase decisions may be made.

The uniting factor between the many types of interactive kiosk options is the importance of good systems and software. Responsive and visually exciting solutions could end up keeping buyers engaged as they decide on their next large purchase. Rather than becoming a distraction or disrupting the flow of the sales floor, these screens help personnel work together with the customer on their terms while allowing sales staff to excel at their respective roles and increase their chance of making the sale.