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Touchscreen sales tool for home design


One of the biggest concerns consumers have when designing their homes is making the wrong choice on key components — doors, windows, paint, furniture, floor covering — and being stuck with a style or color they don’t like. For many, the fear of making a costly mistake can be paralyzing.

That’s a big challenge for building materials manufacturers since an unhappy customer post-sale can mean lost referrals, and inevitably lost future sales for your business.

However, you can move consumers past their fear by showing them what their design ideas look like before they’re installed. And before your customers have spent a dime.

Visualizing Design Can Drive Sales

Homeowners make large investments to create their ideal home so ensuring they have no surprises when the actual project is finished is mission critical. Whether they’re doing an original build, a major reno or simply updating a single room, helping your customers not only visualize the end result but actually take part in the creation of their home’s look and feel empowers them. And, encourages them to pull out their wallet.

There are plenty of virtual room-planner tools available online that give homeowners an idea of what a finished room or exterior might look. But, these online tools do little to help you actually sell your products.

ViewPoint is different.

For today’s consumers, purchase decisions are often based on who delivers the most memorable and compelling experience.

ViewPoint creates engaging, interactive touchscreen experiences customized to your business, and featuring your inventory. These experiences can be presented on large kiosks, appropriate for display in your store, or on individual tablets, perfect for your sales professionals who interact with buyers one on one.

Touch is Compelling

Because the nature of touch technology is visceral, consumers don’t just passively view your products in a catalog or click through a drop-down menu using a mouse — that’s old school. Rather than clicking and dragging to play around with colors, textures and finishes, your customers manipulate everything from the type of exterior siding to the artwork on the living room wall by swiping and zooming and using other natural gestures.

Here's a very simple example. (If this appeared in an actual ViewPoint touchscreen experience, rather than in this blog, you'd be able to manipulate the content with hand gestures.)

With this type of touchscreen experience, buyers are not relegated to picking between tiny swatches of cherry hardwood or Honeysuckle deep-pile carpet, shown out of context, and then being forced to imagine what their choice might look like once installed in their living room.

Rather, they’re creating their own custom design and seeing immediately if it’s the look they’re going for. It’s this tactile, immersive experience that gets potential buyers actively engaged and emotionally connected with your products. With ViewPoint, consumers feel they are integral to the design process.

Details Help Consumers Make Key Decisions

ViewPoint delivers a powerful, immersive branded experience right in your retail showroom or in a more personalized sales interaction, allowing you to reach your customers at the very moment they are most likely to buy with the details they need to make an informed decision.

What kind of details?

ViewPoint lets you show off your many product SKUs, as well as drill down visually into product specifications. Here’s an example. Say you sell residential insulation. Imagine being able to showcase its composition, insulative qualities and green features using cut-aways, “blow ups,” animation, even video.

Unlike a static sales brochure, an immersive touchscreen experience makes it easy for consumers to understand your products in detail. And, ViewPoint helps your sales reps more effectively communicate the value and competitive advantages of each of your products.

I know I sound like a salesman when I talk about ViewPoint. ViewPoint, rah-rah! But, I’m truly not overstating its capabilities and the positive impact it can have on your business.

By using ViewPoint, you’ll drive customer satisfaction by helping consumers feel more confident in their design decisions and product selections. The result: greater satisfaction with your brand and the potential for valuable referrals down the road.

Get in touch if you want to see a demo or discuss how ViewPoint could work for your business.

Ken Ciesielski

Ken Ciesielski

ViewPoint Interactive Solutions, National Sales Manager

A seasoned business development and marketing executive, Ken is National Sales Manager for ViewPoint. He has a strong track record of acquiring new clients and growing brands. And, a not-so-secret passion for all things hockey.