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Take your presentation from drab to fab when you include these four elements.

How many presentations have you attended that you can say were not boring? You know the ones - endless slides filled with long bullet points and no visuals. The types of meetings that make you strive to never be that kind of presenter. Like it or not, we've all been there and we've all been that person. PowerPoint software has become the default when it comes to presentations, and going through information slide by slide, in careful order, just feels natural.

This doesn't have to be the case. There are so many different ways to present information that will keep your audience engaged – and (dare we say it?!) excited about the material. We all remember at least a few stand-out presentations, ones that strayed from the typical boring routine that have become all too familiar. What made these presentations stand out from the rest? Let's take a look at four must-have elements for a stellar presentation.

Start strong: The beginning of any presentation sets the tone for the whole thing. Presenters should make sure to keep things interesting right out of the gate. Whether this means getting creative with your entrance or starting off with an attention-grabbing story, make sure your intro makes your audience want to listen. Entrepreneur Magazine contributor Jennifer Higgins noted that opening with a story that humanizes you to your listeners can be a great way to hook people in. Try finding a personal anecdote that you can relate to one of your key points. We promise your audience will be all ears.

"Approach your presentation more like a conversation between you and your audience."

Keep it visual: What is more appealing to you: a text-filled box or a visually-stimulating set of images and interactive videos? The same goes for your audience. The more you can stray away from text, the better. Your presentation should complement your words, not a play-by-play of what you are saying. Build in some key 'WOW' moments with your visuals and you will be sure to have people talking about your presentation long after it's over, explained Forbes contributor Carmine Gallo.

Speak like a human: Your audience can tell when you are simply reciting your words from memory. Presenters who do this often take on a robotic tone which can be off-putting to listeners. Try approaching your presentation more like a conversation between you and your audience. Higgins noted that when you are responsible for most of the talking, maintaining a casual tone can be difficult. However, if you can master a breezy cadence, your audience will surely become more engaged with your materials.

Share the stage: There's no reason a presentation has to be a one-man show. Try switching it up by inviting guests onto the stage. This could materialize as an expert speaking about one aspect of your presentation or a volunteer coming up to help out with a demonstration. Whatever it is, switching up the stage presence can help engage your listeners throughout the duration of your presentation. Get more people involved.

Presentations don't have to be boring. By including these four must have factors and leveraging the right platform for your material, you can ensure your presentation truly dazzles your crowd.

So what platform best complements the elements mentioned above? Interactive solutions, of course.

Presentation software doesn't allow your content to stand out like its interactive equivalents. By showcasing your next presentation on a system such as an interactive ViewPoint Touch, a multimedia touchscreen display, you can truly take your material from drab to fab by adding critical visuals, taking audience engagement to a new level and generally presenting in a more powerful way. If you wish to learn more about how an interactive touchscreen can enhance your next presentation, visit ViewPoint Interactive Touch Solutions.

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