Informational kiosks capture attention, near or far

Kiosk Marketing


Customers will get plenty of information from touchscreen kiosks with large screens, whether they're interacting from up close or viewing from afar.

One of the most exciting benefits of large screen marketing kiosks is that they are compelling whether viewers are close, using the interactive features, or are far away and admiring high-resolution video or image content. These devices can change the whole nature of a showroom, helping to sell products to a new generation of buyers, accustomed to having access to capable technology and directing the sales process themselves. Touchscreen interactivity is a way to keep consumers engaged for an extended time - until they learn all they need to know - and the same screens that offer this capability can draw those shoppers in for a closer look.

"A branded video or image on a large display can capture a consumer's attention from far away."

Captivating from a distance
Some functions of a touchscreen kiosk can be carried out on a small screen - and the related software is often usable on tablets for just this reason - but there is something to be said for large, high-resolution displays. A branded video or image on a large display can capture a consumer's attention from far away, ensuring that these individuals know where to go to get more information about products or services.

The rising trend among young consumers is the preference for a self-guided approach to the buying process. Companies need to know what they can do to encourage purchases given this demographic tendency, by creating touchpoints customers will gravitate toward of their own accord.

Retailers have complete control over the screens displayed by their kiosks, so they have the opportunity to convey information to anyone who looks at the screen for any reason. For example, if there is an active sales promotion, a limited-time set of images can generate interest in the related products. Consumers can touch the kiosk to learn more, but even if they don't the message will get through and potentially cause them to take action.

"A huge amount of information can be conveyed through multimedia."

Information up close
Of course, a touchscreen is at its best when customers are actively using it. There is a huge amount of information that can be conveyed through multimedia. Responsive interactive features can provide this data in an entertaining manner, keeping consumers interested until they know everything they set out to learn. Ideally, shoppers will even go beyond their initial goals, intrigued by the options on display and willing to purchase products or upgrades they have just studied. Self-guided exploration is one of the main advantages of such a system, especially when software is installed on the kiosk to avoid the lag that comes with streamed Internet options.

Today, interactive kiosks can do more than display information in a straightforward manner. Everything from photo galleries that shoppers can control and rearrange with gestures to full-featured games branded with company logos are available to help deliver facts about brands and their particular products and services. These interactive elements can be complemented by real-time facts and figures, creating a full-featured environment that keeps users interested for as long as it takes to decide on a purchase. Technical issues can derail this kind of immersion, so it's important to use kiosks with hardware and software that are up to the task.