The marketing advantage of visually appealing kiosk systems

Kiosk Marketing


Interactive kiosks provide appealing visual content in order to appeal to consumers.

There are few things more visually-stimulating or attention-grabbing than a large, multimedia touchscreen display like the ViewPoint Interactive Kiosk. We know, we've seen "Harry Potter" in 3-D.

In all seriousness, the visual appeal of any interactive kiosk is a major advantage to any industry. Clear and well-defined images and TV quality video, combined with touchscreen capabilities help engage customers with your product on a multi-sensory level.

Data supports the endless benefits of visual content. According to a study conducted by MDG Advertising, a whopping 67 percent of customers believe detailed and visually-stimulating images hold more importance in their buying decisions than customer ratings or product descriptions. Moreover, marketing involving enticing imagery boasts a 94 percent increase in customer engagement.

This makes sense considering visual content is generally better processed by the human brain. Overall, information or marketing presented in a visually-stimulating way is better digested by consumers. Consider these quick facts provided by Buffer:

  • When it comes to visual processing, 50 percent of the human brain is actively involved in the activity.
  • Out of the total information transmitted by the brain, 90 percent of that data is visual.
  • Compared to text, visual images are processed by the brain 60,000 times faster.

Image removed.When presented with visual content, up to 50 percent of the brain is active.

You're telling me touch driven kiosks create visually appealing and information rich marketing?
Yes, we are. Just imagine the power of a marketing system that allows for enticing visual displays combined with detailed product information. Interactive kiosk systems allow businesses to cover all their bases. Informative text can be paired with striking images to optimize overall consumer interaction with a company's product. Here are four of the major benefits:

1. Marketing for a wider audience: Visually appealing stimuli can translate across gender, age and even language. For example, imagine an interactive kiosk standing inside of a car dealership. Imagine this kiosk showcases car models and allows customers to change the color of the automobile and provides users with the option of detailing the inside of the car to their liking. This customer kiosk is showcasing all the benefits of this product while allowing the consumer to imagine every detail of their experience as if they owned this car. The benefits of this experience can apply to a 17-year-old teen buying her first car or to a 50-year-old man looking to upgrade his current ride.

2. Easily consumable: Interactive kiosks are like the ideal mid-day snack for marketing. They aren't time-consuming, they satisfy your hunger and they leave you happy (at least until dinner). What we're trying to say here is that interactive kiosks satiate the consumer's desire for knowledge without causing them to feel overwhelmed. Kiosks can provide a series of images that customers can scroll through paired with bite-sized bits of relevant info. This allows users to spend as little or as much time as they please on any given product. Your customers will become informed in a quick and enjoyable manner!

"Kiosk systems don't need to rely on lengthy descriptions to persuade a consumer to purchase."

3. Show, don't tell: Don't make your customers take your word for it. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words. Kiosk systems don't need to rely on lengthy product descriptions to convince buyers their product is worth the purchase. Customers can become skeptical by gimmicky text provided by the same brand that sets to profit off them. Without words, let your merchandise speak for itself. The hi-definition display will surely paint your product in its best light and allow the consumer to form their own positive opinions.

4. Fun and engaging: We won't beat around the bush here, kiosks are just straight up fun. The marketing experience can feel like a game to consumers when channeled through an interactive kiosk system. In fact, some customer kiosk stands offer actual games. The kiosks can be utilized in conjunction with other marketing, buying, or gamification experiences. The visual and interactive experience allows customers to feel like active participants in their purchasing decisions all while having fun playing with these high-tech toys.