A new generation of employees need new sales tools

Making the Sale


Today's salespeople will need a new approach to consumers, and new sales tools along with the right attitude and ideal technology will help them be more successful.

The classic sales process is wearing thin, and employees' tactics and technologies need to change to a new model. Consumers have access to a great number of educational resources through their home PCs and mobile devices. They can even perform research while standing in the store and leave if they don't find the bargain they were hoping for. Proverbially holding the client's hand and leading him or her through the buying process was once seen as a good method of customer education. Now, it can seem overbearing and unnecessary. How then can salespeople still wield influence and be helpful within the modern model?

"Individuals are in stores because they want to be, and are likely very close to buying."

The right attitude
The hard sell is an old-fashioned tactic and it can be safely discarded. When people come into stores today, they have probably already done a lot of research. In a way, this is a great thing. Individuals who walk in the door are there because they want to be, and are likely very close to signing on the dotted line.

Staff members' new role is to guide these shoppers through the final stages of their research, answering any questions and removing doubts and by helping customers engage and interact with the products to help them reach a final decision. Instead of changing minds, salespeople are reassuring consumers that they are making the right choice.

When it comes to big-ticket items such as cars and appliances, a hands-on experience will likely still be needed to make the sale. Consumers invest too much money in these items and use them too often to make flippant decisions. Professionals should be ready to ensure this interaction goes smoothly.

"Kiosks allow shoppers to immerse themselves and experience a brand's products."

Support tech
What should a salesperson do when a car or an appliance is not available for display purposes? If he or she has access to a touchscreen kiosk, the answer is clear. These devices include high-quality media that allows shoppers to get to know a brand's products without actually touching them hands-on.

At a small, boutique-style car dealership showroom, these devices can be hugely invaluable, showing off the whole line of vehicles in a place that only fits one display model. Effective kiosk software is also easy to use by consumers, independent of staff members, enabling shoppers to engage in last-minute self-directed research and education.

Furthermore, with integrated digital systems, some of the more complex processes that come with the sales process can be automated and turned from paperwork into digital functions. If sales staff can streamline and cut down the complexity of closing a deal, they are more likely to complete the sale.

Today, technology is everywhere. Individuals have come to expect efficient and reliable solutions in every corner of their lives. When retailers provide smart technology to meet consumers' expectations and provide new devices as a tool for its sales staff they are doing themselves a favor and helping their salespeople connect to the modern breed of independent and intelligent shoppers.

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