No Hangover, Just Three Days of Learning at This Year’s EventTech

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A teammate and I spent the past week in Las Vegas at the Event Tech trade show extolling the virtues of ViewPoint’s immersive multimedia experiences. Alongside the touchscreen technology we were showcasing was an assortment of tech offered by other vendors. Virtual reality, 3D, RFID and on and on. All these technologies were being promoted as ways to provide your customer with an enhanced brand experience.  

Even I got caught up in the tech. I mean, it was pretty cool.

But, after a day of looking around and speaking with both vendors and show attendees, one question bubbled to the top: Does it make sense to let the technology drive your marketing program or should you design your marketing program first and then find the technology that best enhances it?

To us — a couple of guys who are trained in user experience design and marketing — the answer was obvious. Of course you find the tech to support your strategic plan, and not the other way around.

Use Tech to Tell a More Compelling Story

Admittedly, surrounded by the flash and excitement of the latest tech it’s easy to get sidetracked. But, you can’t let yourself get caught up in the hype and coolness factor of the latest and greatest or you risk falling off message, losing your focus.

This struggle was evident when a man came up to our booth on the second day. He introduced himself, William was his name, and confessed he was a bit overwhelmed by all of the bells and whistles he was seeing at the show. So many options.

William’s company had a compelling story to tell but traditional vehicles were not doing the job so he was looking for a way to reach his audience in a whole new way. But, and this is critical, he wanted to make sure his company’s message wouldn’t get lost. He worried that by using some of this cool tech to tell his company’s story, the audience would be more interested in the messenger than the message.

I told him about how we’ve helped companies like his create really engaging touchscreen experiences that highlight the message. (Check out this captivating space demo to get an idea of what ViewPoint can do.)

William was very interested. As were the two women, both marketing execs, within earshot. That’s when I realized that many businesses had fallen into the trap of choosing a technology for technology’s sake. They bought based on newness or coolness rather than a good fit strategically.

I used this opening to share ViewPoint’s value proposition: we offer the latest tech, sure. The presentations we create using our touch technology are graphically stunning, immersive and engaging. But — and this is what sets us apart from the other vendors — our tech is a tool that supports a solid strategic foundation.

It is not the technology that drives the message. It is how we implement the technology that makes the difference.

When Strategy and Technology Collide

ViewPoint’s ability to support a thoughtful, well-planned strategy with a highly interactive, tech-powered branded experience was exactly what was missing in their previous marketing efforts. With ViewPoint, they realized they could take their audience on a guided tour through their curated content, while allowing each visitor to experience and digest the information in a way that was tailored to individual preferences and interests.

William told me this was exactly what he had been searching for. He went as far as telling me that of everything he had seen at the show, ViewPoint was the most powerful, and allowed the most flexibility.

According to William, ViewPoint provides the best canvas for his company to persuasively tell its story in a striking way.

By day three, it became crystal clear that ViewPoint’s custom, curated, branded experiences are not only effective and dramatic for storytelling, but among the most strategic approaches to marketing tech currently available.

Time and again, as EventTech participants swiped and pinched their way through our various demos and client work we witnessed the creative wheels turning. Since clients’ touch presentations are only limited to what they imagine their brand can be, with ViewPoint the sky’s the limit.  

If you loved the space demo and want to see more, get in touch. I’ll show you examples of our latest work and capabilities.


Ken Ciesielski

Ken Ciesielski

ViewPoint Interactive Solutions, National Sales Manager

A seasoned business development and marketing executive, Ken is National Sales Manager for ViewPoint. He has a strong track record of acquiring new clients and growing brands. And, a not-so-secret passion for all things hockey.