Supporting option and accessory sales with interactive displays



Software and interactive touchscreens can do a great job of selling the various options available at auto dealerships.

Selling a car means not only helping a customer decide on a base model, but also adding optional items that customize the vehicle to suit the buyer's needs. Selling these accessories is a major part of the sales professional's job, and these individuals need to know that the right business technology will be there to help them in this role.

Interactive kiosks could serve as a sales tool, serving as a showcase for additional parts and other custom offerings that aren't necessarily in place on display models. Especially for dealers with a limited amount of space in the showroom, a good kiosk strategy could create an exciting new avenue for customer education and the process of upselling.

"No matter how many options there are, they can all be viewed via a kiosk."

The infinite showroom
All car dealerships have a limited amount of space to showcase their vehicles. Some feel this more acutely than others do and dealers located in cities will be especially constrained by their environments. This means sales professionals may be reduced to telling customers about options instead of showing them. A good kiosk can change this dynamic, presenting captivating and persuasive media on a big screen where detailed auto information can be previewed and selected, with cost and benefit comparisons to inform a purchase. No matter how many options there are to choose from, they can all be viewed on demand via a kiosk.

A tool for the sales team
The same software that can power a good kiosk on the sales floor can also prove impressive when carried by tablet-wielding employees. These professionals have all the information they need in a compact format to educate and can guide clients through the many different options via a simple touchscreen interface. While it's true that salespeople should be exceptionally knowledgeable about their products, even the best staff member will exude confidence having all the pertinent data at their fingertips in an attractive, easy to use visual format.

Comparing auto options is easy in a virtual kiosk environment.

The value of video
When a specific option makes a major difference in the appearance and performance of a car or truck, the best way to sell its effectiveness may be a video presentation. Good kiosk software can provide this experience. The most powerful experience will be displaying multimedia video without the lag computer users often experience when streaming video from the Internet. Not all kiosks are created equal, so look for one with its performance built into the software for the best media display - to capitalize on the fact that people buy with their eyes.

Today's self-starting customers
Consumers today are interested in a hands-on type of shopping style. They do a great deal of research online before they reach stores, and auto dealerships may be able to draw attention by offering this same autonomy via an interactive kiosk. A customer could gain much more from the experience of touching a screen and switching paint colors or optional equipment on a digital representation of their chosen vehicle than they could from simply being told about the possibilities. Research has shown that people are more apt to believe information on a digital screen than what a salesperson says. Implementing an interactive kiosk for use across the dealership can support selling more options and accessories, empowering your customer by informing them to make all purchasing decisions themselves.


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