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You’re on the road to meet with a promising new prospect who agreed to squeeze you into his hectic schedule. Of course, you want to make a great impression so you’ve done your homework. Spent hours putting together a persuasive, image-rich presentation that hits all your key points.

You were ready to crush this sales call. But, then disaster.

Sitting face to face with your potential customer, you launch your presentation. Nothing. Your wifi connection flakes so you’re looking at a blank screen. A moment of panic. You fumble with the cables, restart your computer and, thankfully, the first slide in your deck appears. Awesome!

But, your relief is short-lived. In an effort to tell a more compelling story, you loaded your presentation with a bunch of images and video clips. But, the multimedia assets are slow to load. Painfully slow. With the clock on your appointment running down, your once-enthusiastic prospect just stares at you.

So much for making a stellar first impression.

What could you have done to avoid this scenario?

Anticipate What Could Go Wrong

To deliver a winning presentation on the road, you need to anticipate the worst-case scenario and engineer for it. I don’t have to tell you how technical glitches can sabotage your success. As a business development pro those glitches keep you up at night.

That’s why over time you’ve made some compromises in your presentation — deleted that really cool-but-lengthy product video, for instance — to get the job done. You knew your presentation wouldn’t be nearly as compelling, but at least you’d have peace of mind that you would get your point across. And, that your presentation would run smoothly.

What if you could tell your story exactly the way you want without the stress?  

I know, sales pitch ahead. But, hang in there. I promise the two minutes it will take you to read this will be worth your time. Here’s why:

ViewPoint solves your three biggest sales presentation challenges:

  1. Telling your brand story in a compelling and memorable way

  2. Avoiding embarrassing technical glitches that undercut your credibility

  3. Giving a powerful presentation on the fly, wherever business dictates

1 Compelling presentation

If you’ve read our blogs or checked out our website, you already know ViewPoint’s touchscreen experiences showcase your curated digital content in a unforgettable way that PowerPoint and similar tools can’t touch. Custom ViewPoint experiences, which allow you to run dynamic (video, animation) and static (copy, photos) content simultaneously, present your brand in a non-linear but organized format that really engages your target audience. (You can learn more about the capabilities of ViewPoint touchscreen experiences here and here.)

This type of navigation makes it easy to find relevant content quickly. Say a prospect asks a question at the end of your sales call about something you covered early on. No need to click backwards through scores of look-alike slides. A simple swipe or tap and you can access any information you need, regardless of when you referenced it.

As for actually delivering the touchscreen experience, you can present a ViewPoint experience on a large monitor for maximum impact before a large audience — perfect for your company’s annual conference, national sales meeting enterprise-wide training sessions or any other event that revolves around a live speaker giving a presentation to a sizable crowd. And, ViewPoint can be presented in smaller formats — to accommodate your small-group or one-on-one sales interactions — without losing its punch.

2 Wherever, whenever delivery

When you’re presenting on the road you don’t have access to a jumbo-sized video monitor or touchscreen kiosk. They don’t fit in your carry-on. Or in the overhead compartment. Instead, you have your trusty laptop. Or, more likely, a tablet.

To offer mobility without compromising the premium ViewPoint experience, we’ve optimized for display on a variety of touch devices, from Surface Tablets to iPads. You have the freedom to give a top-notch sales presentation wherever you are. So, when you discover the stranger you’re mindlessly chatting with in the airport’s frequent-flyer lounge is actually a hot prospect, you have the tools to bring your A-game.

And, if you’re selling a product that’s simply too large, cumbersome or valuable to travel with, ViewPoint helps you showcase it virtually using dynamic product views like cut-aways or “exploded-view” perspectives. With ViewPoint, you can take your show on the road.

3 Reliable execution

Understanding the need for reliability, we designed ViewPoint to live locally on your tablet or touchscreen laptop. It doesn’t rely on any sort of wifi connection so no more walking into a meeting with fingers crossed that the connection will be solid. With confidence that your presentation will run smoothly, you can focus on the conversation not your technology.

By smoothly delivering an engaging, polished presentation that not only educates but intrigues your audience, you come across as the expert. With ViewPoint at your fingertips, boring content and technical hiccups that could mar your image are not even part of the conversation. Prospects and customers will be impressed by your company’s offerings and confident in you personally — and that’s key for establishing and nurturing a productive relationship.

Whether in a client’s office or a prospect’s home, ViewPoint can help you tell your brand’s story on the road. Captivating and immersive presentations built for on-the-go flexibility empower you to have the sales conversations you want, wherever the opportunity arises. Reach out if you’d like to learn more.




Ken Ciesielski

Ken Ciesielski

ViewPoint Interactive Solutions, National Sales Manager

A seasoned business development and marketing executive, Ken is National Sales Manager for ViewPoint. He has a strong track record of acquiring new clients and growing brands. And, a not-so-secret passion for all things hockey.