A Tale of Two Images: Telling Stories Through Comparison

Comparing auto colors


To help you tell your brand’s story in the most compelling and memorable way, ViewPoint has added some exciting new features you won’t want to miss. Over the next few weeks, I’ll introduce a few and show how you can use them to showcase your products.

Comparisons Speak Louder Than Words

First up, The Comparator. Yes, this sounds like some sort of comic book super villain. But, it’s actually a really helpful feature that allows you to compare two images, animations or movies.

Using a slider bar, a user can swipe from one visual element to another version of the same element. A top image overlays a bottom image so the transition is seamless. The Comparator — let’s call it the less-foreboding comparison slider — is perfect for showing a “before and after” effect, say morphing an image of a company’s old, outdated headquarters into an image of the firm’s gleaming new edifice.

Or, thinking in product terms, highlighting differences in car models, for instance. Imagine you run an auto dealership. Your customer is trying to decide between the base model and the Limited. Cars are full of little details that subtly change the look and performance. It’s tricky to examine two photos side by side and notice all the features and the differences. That’s one reason those glossy product brochures, though attractive, are pretty ineffective.

By overlaying two photos, one of each model, and using the comparison slider to scan back and forth, the details become more apparent. Plus, the touch control is so smooth and responsive, it’s enjoyable — even fun — to use. Here’s a very simple example of the comparison slider in action. Watch how the car changes color.

With the comparison slider you can not only compare two objects, you also can dive deeper into a single object. For instance, you could use it to show off your company’s latest medical device. First, you can show the device on its own and with a quick swipe reveal detailed information about the product. Here’s what I mean.

That’s not all the comparison slider can do.

The ability to show the product in various states and levels of detail — for example, shifting between an external view of the device to a cutaway that shows the inner workings of the device — can be incredibly useful to your sales reps. Rather than having to lug an awkward, cumbersome or delicate product on every customer call, a rep could instead carry a tablet with a ViewPoint presentation. Customers could explore your product in detail, like peeling back to a cutaway view of the inside of a machine or showing two states of a process on a device. Exploring a product virtually can be much more efficient and convenient — and impressive.

Cool Tech Helps Your Brand Make an Impact

When well designed, technology is cool. And cool technology is memorable. That’s what ViewPoint is all about — finding new ways to use leading-edge touchscreen technology to show your products and your brand to best effect.

We continually work to expand the capabilities of ViewPoint, designing and developing clever components that enhance users’ experiences. In the coming weeks, I’ll show you more of ViewPoint’s latest features, all created with a single goal: help businesses tell stories about their products and services and depict their brands in visually captivating and unforgettable ways.

Dorothy Shamonsky

Dorothy Shamonsky

ViewPoint Interactive Solutions, Director of User Experience

Dorothy Shamonsky, Ph.D. is Chief UX Strategy Officer for ICS and ViewPoint. She is focused on designing natural user interfaces to achieve simple-but-compelling user experiences for emerging technologies and the Internet of Things. She has 30+ years of experience in a broad range of user experience (UX) skills, including UX strategy, user research, interaction design, visual design, and programming. Dorothy is passionate about creating usable beauty and beautiful usability.