Partnering with ViewPoint Helps You Close More Business

You create eye-catching trade show exhibits. You're on top of the latest trends and apply best practices in booth design, planning, production and logistics. Your customers love you, and return year after year. But, with each new engagement they expect you to raise the bar.

Event House

Event House

So help them sell by elevating your pitch with ViewPoint.

Including ViewPoint's immersive touchscreen and interactive gamified experiences as part of your exhibit design offers:

For You:

  • Opportunity to close more business by delivering innovative tech solutions to your clients without the steep learning curve or substantial development costs involved in building expertise in house
  • A consistent source of new leads via a solid partnership with a creative marketing solutions leader
  • The ability to easily meet evolving client needs and gain a competitive advantage using the latest interactive tech
  • An enhanced reputation as an innovator with the best, most intriguing ideas

For Your Clients:

  • An average of 38% more booth traffic
  • 50% greater engagement with their trade show prospects
  • Vastly more memorable brand experience for their prospects
  • A compelling way to showcase their products and services, and highlight their sales massage