Don’t Let Murphy’s Law Slow You Down

The first rule of trade shows: no matter how well you plan, something always goes wrong. If it’s a lost internet connection in your booth, your ability to display — and sell — your products may also evaporate.

Even a slow connection — a reality since everyone at the show is texting, emailing, Googling product information or showing off their wares at once — can drive down your productivity. There’s a better way.

ViewPoint delivers:

  • Ability to present engaging, interactive touchscreen experiences that showcase your products in detail — without the internet
  • Freedom from expensive hardwired internet service that can run up to $8,000
  • No more worries about the reliability of your shared line or mobile hotspot
No Internet Reliance

You have enough to worry about at the show. Let us cross connectivity off your list, and save you money too! Learn more.