Our Process

We bring together experts from key disciplines, including UX design, marketing, business strategy and systems integration, as well as your stakeholders, and focus them on the task at hand: creating captivating, immersive and memorable digital touch experiences for your audience. Under the direction of a seasoned ViewPoint project manager, this multi-disciplinary team works through the five phases of our process using a structured, collaborative approach to deliver a winning touchscreen experience that is impactful and perfectly aligned with your brand.




Creating an interactive experience that resonates demands we develop a deep understanding of your goals and pain points. So, we ask questions. A lot of questions. In this phase, we aim to understand your brand inside and out so we’ll examine your objectives, discuss your target audience, analyze relevant data, and explore your organization’s design sensibilities.



Our team will leverage the insight gleaned during Discovery to develop a cogent strategy — actionable direction — that will allow us to deliver an interactive touch experience that is on point. We’ll collaborate with you in this iterative process to address positioning, key messaging and performance objectives. And we’ll provide proof of concept to ensure your ViewPoint experience will function as intended.


Design & Development

We’ll gather all of the assets needed to craft your unique brand story and build your interactive touchscreen experience — think photos, videos and other dynamic content. We’ll also acquire and test the hardware — anything from a single, large-format monitor for a trade show to 1,000 kiosks for a global sales deployment — to make sure all the elements work together seamlessly so your experience deploys error-free.



Once your digital touch experience is onsite, we’ll run an in-market beta test if appropriate, apply any necessary learning, and help you maximize impact through comprehensive training. We can travel to your facilities to show you how to use your new touch system to greatest effect.



From call-center support to remote monitoring and content updates, ViewPoint is with you even after your digital experience goes live. We’ll ensure your touch experience remains up-to-date with current customer information, products and pricing, as well as the latest release of ViewPoint’s application and system software. And, with built-in analytics, presented via an intuitive analytics dashboard, you have the data to gauge how well your ViewPoint experience resonates so you can make any necessary adjustments based on customer response.