Corporate Environments

Grab Attention from the Get-Go

Don’t miss opportunities to connect with visitors when they’re at your facility. A memorable touchscreen experience can show them what your business is all about.

Research shows that 83% of people recall information presented on interactive screens and kiosks.

Corporate Lobbies

Why let visitors kill time in your lobby leafing through stale magazines? Grab their attention with personalized, interactive content.

  • Provide an engaging overview of your products and services
  • Present your firm’s history with an interactive timeline
  • Deliver wayfinding information like company directories and maps

Laboratories and Clean Rooms

Convey critical information in even the most inaccessible places without disrupting operations. With ViewPoint, visitors can:

  • Examine research processes and learn about current projects
  • Watch products as they’re manufactured
  • View precision equipment in use

Employee Hangouts

Today’s water cooler is the company cafe. ViewPoint kiosks in high-traffic areas allow you to:

  • Showcase new products or services
  • Feature your company’s newsletter
  • Promote an upcoming event or major company initiative

Classrooms and Training Labs

When consistent messaging to a broad, internal audience is vital look to ViewPoint.

  • Deliver consistent training content to all employees 
  • Align employees in every division with corporate messaging
  • Push content updates to your entire sales force at once, ensuring everyone has the same go-to-market messaging

Fire up your team and build morale by reaching out to employees where they gather.