Custom Interactive Experience

Build Compelling Touchscreen Solutions for Any Environment

Have a need that doesn’t quite fit into any of our defined markets? No worries. We also create custom presentations that are tailored to your objectives. Gamification? Wayfinding? Operational enhancements? We’ll create a unique solution that will thrill your audience.

ViewPoint is powered by software developer Integrated Computer Solutions, which was founded three decades ago and has been building visually captivating touchscreen interactive experiences for more than 15 years.

Diverse Portfolio

We’ve seen it all. Done it all.

  • You’ve seen our work, even if you didn’t see our name
  • We’ve developed hundreds of products across industries from life sciences, consumer and entertainment to industrial, automotive and aerospace
  • Software we've developed can be found everywhere — from your mobile device to your car infotainment system to the cockpit of your next flight

Exceptional Team

We hire the best of the best to ensure our team is tops.

  • Our multidisciplinary team is driven by a UX-centric philosophy that places the end user at the forefront of all design decisions
  • Our specialized knowledge and product development skills allow us to deftly guide a project from concept to completion
  • Our track record for implementing customer solutions on strategy, on time and within budget is exceptional

We blend elegant visual design with agile engineering to create touchscreen-enabled interactive experiences that will inspire your customers.