Retail Showrooms

Stay Relevant with a Memorable Retail Customer Experience 

As shoppers flock online, brick-and-mortar retailers are drastically changing how they sell. Closing stores. Trimming floor staff. Even opening showrooms that don’t require as much square footage or back-room inventory. Still, retailers must continue to deliver the top-shelf in-store customer experience today’s consumers expect.

Touchscreen experiences make financial sense for meeting customer needs while minimizing personnel costs.

Improve the Customer Experience

ViewPoint enhances your retail environment with an engaging, immersive experience that gets shoppers excited about your brand.

  • Convey the value of your products through eye-catching visuals and relevant narrative
  • Reach consumers when they’re most likely to buy with details to make an informed decision
  • Encourage buyers to interact in real-time with value-added third-party resources, freeing your staff to focus on other customers

Present Your Product Inventory

Trimming costs by shrinking your footprint? ViewPoint gives you the room you need to showcase all of your merchandise.

  • Extend your store beyond its physical space
  • Present a full range of products, with all available options
  • Help shoppers visualize how products look together or in a different environment

Facilitate Purchases

Move more product by making it easy for your customer to buy.

  • Deliver customer convenience and save headcount with transaction-capable kiosks
  • Help your leaner sales force sell as effectively as a larger team
  • Harness omnichannel opportunities by bridging online and in-store experiences

ViewPoint helps you cost-effectively meet consumers’ high expectations while memorably showcasing your brand.